Deeply Saddens Me

If you haven’t gotten around to reading my about page yet, my name is Asil and I was born in Istanbul, Turkey but am currently living in America and I could not be more grateful to be doing so.

For the short time that I lived there, news stories of attacks were very rare and were nothing like they are today. That part of the world really is in a state of terror and are being specifically targeted by these animal terrorists for no other reason except misguided and ideological lunacy.

More and More Frequent

warI decided to bring this page back to try and spread some awareness of what is going on and what is the reality of so many people living in my home country. Although we do face some of the same fears here in America, they aren’t nearly as prevalent as in Turkey.

I also want to try and give a realistic picture of what life was like for me living at the time and compare it to my amazing life that I have now. There is no way I could live where I did with my children now and not be living in a constant state of fear and panic for their safety.

I hope I can spread some awareness to those who don’t follow world news as often as I do, but to also show some similarities and differences between both countries.