Where It’s Needed More

What is sad about some of the things I have talked about on here in regards to how good we have it here in America is that the countries like Turkey are in need of it so much but many have virtually no access to it.

Dismal State

istanNow I originally made this page to talk about some of the current news that is happening in Turkey, but a lot of it is extremely depressing and hard to talk about for me so have redirected it to compare it to the U.S., which I think more people can relate to and are more interested in anyway.

But for those of you who are interested in some of the actual news that is going on you can check out this BBC News article to get an idea.

Needless to say, things are looking grim and are not showing any real signs of easing up. It saddens me that there are so many people living in these conditions who have no access to some of the great things that we do here in America. When I talked about how easy it is to find someone to fix your house from yesterday is an example of what I mean.

These are people that are in the most need for help in situations like this and have the lowest opportunities for doing so.

I think I prefer talking about how great we have it here much better…

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