Working in Turkey

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am going to go from subject to subject on here with no real direction and will be writing about whatever strikes me that day so keep that in mind. So yesterday we talked a little bit about the Syrian refugee crisis and now we are going to move right on to the working conditions.

From What I Hear

bankNow I don’t have any personal experience with finding jobs or working conditions in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey, but I do have family and friends that I keep in touch with and visit on occasion that tell me conditions have been getting worse over recent years. It seems like this is the kind of state that a lot of countries are in these days, including here in America.

I think a lot of it has to do with the refugee crisis that I briefly talked about yesterday, as the country is seeing millions of people flooding in and most likely looking for work.

A lot of my friends and family that I know there have also told me that the actual conditions for many of the positions that you would see here are much worse than America. Pay seems to be getting lower and the abundance of jobs is no different. A lot of people I know are out of work and have a pretty grim outlook on things to come.

The number of jobs like this one above and mine alike being available is becoming more and more scarce at rates that only seem to be climbing.

Again, I want everyone to take a second to appreciate how good we have it here.

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