Working Conditions

In addition to better general living conditions, another amazing thing that America has to offer that Turkey seems to be lacking at is the plethora of opportunities for jobs and work. I know a lot of people might disagree with that statement and I definitely understand where you are coming from.

The opportunities might not be as prevalent as they have been in the past and our economy isn’t the best it has ever been, but when you compare our conditions with other parts of the world like my home country of Turkey you realize how good we actually have it here.

My Work

I am so grateful to have been able to find work and I love what I do. I took after my father and have been working as a general contractor for a small company in my town and the majority of my work involves building and repairing new homes. My father held the same type of job when we lived in Turkey but was never paid nearly as much as I am here.

For people who have never seen other countries and the states that they are in, let me be the one to tell you how fortunate you are to be living in a place where you really can do anything you put your mind to and that there is absolutely always someone who would give anything to be in your shoes.

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