Living Conditions

Now thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have my family move from Istanbul to America when I was very young and I don’t remember life in too vivid of detail. What I do remember though were much worse living conditions that what we are used to seeing here.

Our House

turkeyyI remember the house that I lived in for a few years in Turkey and it was nothing like what I grew up in once we made it to America. My father did not make a lot of money when we were there and lived in a poorer neighborhood but it was average and a common thing in the town I am originally from.

There were a number of issues going on with our house that you really don’t expect to find with homes in this country. I remember there was very noticeable damage to the outside of our house and the roof was always leaking in different places while my father tried to keep up with all of them.

Just like journalism and freedom of speech, I feel that America generally has much better living conditions as a whole for its citizens and provides many more opportunities to obtain them.

Unfortunately, with everything that is going on there now I only see these conditions getting worse.

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