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In addition to living in constant fear of terrorism and other targeted attacks, the Turkish government has been getting harsher and harsher on those who violate any terms of their speech and journalism rights. The little rights the Turkish people have left do very little to protect the people who are reporting on certain topics or subjects.

America Has it Right

penThe second amendment has to be one of the greatest things that America has to offer. If you start silencing people in certain parts of life, there will only be rebellion and opposition which can escalate very easily. If you are caught writing about something that you are not supposed to, the government will not hesitate to severely punish you and restrict your rights even more.

Because of this, the news that is reported on in Turkey has changed very drastically over the years from the fear of persecution. What kind of a government wants to silence their people? Is Turkey and other countries like them following in the footsteps of North Korea?

This was a huge reason my parents decided to move us to this great country and get away from such tyranny.

This page in itself could get me in a lot of trouble in my home country and I can’t even fathom what that must be like for people living there today.

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