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Current State

It is not my intentions to sound too gloomy and depressing whenever I am referring to Turkey because I am proud of where I was born and will always hold it close to my heart.

bulThat being said however, there is some news that is coming out about Turkey and their offer with the European nations that in essence agrees to take on even more refugees from Syria if Europe puts an end to many of the restrictions that are in place in regards to visas. Currently there are already millions of poor and hopeless people fleeing from Syria living in Turkey and I don’t know how many more they can take.

Similar Circumstances

I find this interesting because of the debate that is going on here in America about the same topic. There are people on both sides of the argument for whether or not we should agree to take in Syrian refugees and frankly, I can see valid points on both sides.

Personally, I believe that we should have open arms for these people because of the constant state of absolute horror that millions of people are seeing overseas that we cannot even comprehend having to go through.

On the other hand, allowing in refugees does open a very small possibility that terrorists may try to take advantage and use this as means to enter our country for their deplorable behavior and beliefs.

It is because of reasons like this that I try to stay positive and be so grateful for the conditions that we live in here.